Case of the Day

8th October 2018

Normal hippocampus

Brain- normal hippocampus
8th October 2018

Leukcoencephalopathy, grade5

Brain- Leukcoencephalopathy, grade 5
1st October 2018
Brain  Left Parietal Old Malaysia (12)

Left parietal old Malaysia

Brain- left parietal old Malaysia
1st October 2018
Brain  Left Middle Cranial Fossa Osteoma (2)

Left middle cranial fossa osteoma

Brain- left middle cranial fossa osteoma
1st October 2018
Brain  Left External Capsule Ischemic Change (3)

Left external capsule ischemic change

Brain- left external capsule ischemic change
1st October 2018
Brain  Left Anterior Clinoidal Meningioma (4)

Left anterior Clinoidal meningioma

Brain- left anterior Clinoidal meningioma
1st October 2018
Brain  Large Empty Sellae And Frontal Malatya (3)

Large empty sellae and frontal Malatya

Brain- large empty sellae and frontal Malatya
30th September 2018
Brain  Interacerebral Hematoma In Shrinkage (4)

Interacerebral hematoma in shrinkage

Brain- interacerebral hematoma in shrinkage
30th September 2018
Brain  Hippocampus Atrophy (3)

Hippocampus atrophy

Brain- hippocampus atrophy
30th September 2018
Brain  Ependymoma And Seeding, 3M (7)

Ependymoma and seeding, 3M

Brain- Ependymoma and seeding, 3M