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31st May 2020

Few Local Reticulation – COVID 19

31st May 2020

COVID 19-Infection

19th May 2020

COVID 19-Viral Infection

19th May 2020

COVID19-Thin Ground Glass Opacity

18th May 2020

Ground Glass Pneumonitis

18th May 2020

COVID-19 pneumonitis

10th May 2020

COVID19-Discrete Hazy Focal Small Pneumonitis

9th May 2020

COVID19-Right Middle Zone Posterolateral Ground Glass Pneumonitis

6th May 2020


6th May 2020


8th June 2020


Both lungs zone at periphery show few thin local ground glass opacities COVID 19.
30th April 2019

Splenic cyst

Abdomen- Splenic cyst
12th March 2019

Metatarsal periosteal reaction, osteomyelitis

MSK- Metatarsal periosteal reaction, osteomyelitis
31st October 2018

Lateral Sinus thrombosis

Brain- Lateral Sinus thrombosis
21st October 2018

Sacral scoliosis, coccygectomy

Spine- Sacral scoliosis, coccygectomy
18th October 2018

Artifact from dental bridging

Brain- artifact from dental bridging
25th September 2018
Brain  3rd Ventricular Colloid Cyst (8)

3rd ventricular colloid cyst

Brain- 3rd ventricular colloid cyst
18th September 2018
Spine  Lumbar Disc Bulging (2)

Lumbar disc bulging

Spine- lumbar disc bulging
18th September 2018
Spine  Cauda Equina Lipoma (2)

Cauda equina lipoma

Spine- cauda equina lipoma
8th September 2018
MSK  A Cystic Lesion Above Gastrocnemius Muscle (2)

A cystic lesion above gastrocnemius muscle

MSK- A cystic lesion above gastrocnemius muscle
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