Case of the Day

31st May 2020

Few Local Reticulation – COVID 19

31st May 2020

COVID 19-Infection

19th May 2020

COVID 19-Viral Infection

19th May 2020

COVID19-Thin Ground Glass Opacity

18th May 2020

Ground Glass Pneumonitis

18th May 2020

COVID-19 pneumonitis

10th May 2020

COVID19-Discrete Hazy Focal Small Pneumonitis

9th May 2020

COVID19-Right Middle Zone Posterolateral Ground Glass Pneumonitis

6th May 2020


6th May 2020


11th October 2018

Bilateral osteoarthritis of hip joints, Bilateral AVN

MSK- bilateral osteoarthritis of hip joints, Bilateral AVN
18th August 2018
Abdomen  Spleen Cyst (1)

Spleen cyst

Abdomen- Spleen cyst
12th August 2018

Right globe melanoma

Orbit- Right globe melanoma
7th August 2018

Left Lung tumor

Chest- Left Lung tumor