Case of the Day

19th May 2020

COVID 19-Viral Infection

19th May 2020

COVID19-Thin Ground Glass Opacity

18th May 2020

Ground Glass Pneumonitis

18th May 2020

COVID-19 pneumonitis

10th May 2020

COVID19-Discrete Hazy Focal Small Pneumonitis

9th May 2020

COVID19-Right Middle Zone Posterolateral Ground Glass Pneumonitis

6th May 2020


6th May 2020


5th May 2020


30th April 2019

Anatomy, No teeth

Brain- Anatomy, No teeth
30th April 2019

Splenic cyst

Abdomen- Splenic cyst
12th March 2019

Metatarsal periosteal reaction, osteomyelitis

MSK- Metatarsal periosteal reaction, osteomyelitis
31st October 2018

Lateral Sinus thrombosis

Brain- Lateral Sinus thrombosis
21st October 2018

Sacral scoliosis, coccygectomy

Spine- Sacral scoliosis, coccygectomy
18th October 2018

Artifact from dental bridging

Brain- artifact from dental bridging
25th September 2018
Brain  3rd Ventricular Colloid Cyst (8)

3rd ventricular colloid cyst

Brain- 3rd ventricular colloid cyst
18th September 2018
Spine  Lumbar Disc Bulging (2)

Lumbar disc bulging

Spine- lumbar disc bulging
18th September 2018
Spine  Cauda Equina Lipoma (2)

Cauda equina lipoma

Spine- cauda equina lipoma
8th September 2018
MSK  A Cystic Lesion Above Gastrocnemius Muscle (2)

A cystic lesion above gastrocnemius muscle

MSK- A cystic lesion above gastrocnemius muscle
5th September 2018
Breast  Left Side Mastitis (6)

left side mastitis

Breast- left side mastitis